Smokin O the Green


Green Man Downtown

1355 Santa Fe Dr
Denver, CO 80204

Tahoe O.G.

Ahhh. Don’t you love that Ocean Grown with your Almond Milk Chai Tea? The chunky Tahoe O.G. that I used to get from NorCal was outstanding. That is also my standard for quality Tahoe O.G. Here in Colorado, we are miles from that sea air and yet the name hangs on like that weird sixth toe. It is something that connects the past to the future, like an Irish person whose ancestors were raised, for generations, in the United States.

This is also a return to Green Man for me. I wasn’t impressed the first time, but a co-worker convinced me to try them again. From a marketing standpoint, they are great. Their logo is appealing, as it bears the anthropomorphized smiling image that comes out of leaves and branches. (a man sprouting leaves on his face).

To be fair, I tried someone else’s herbs when I came here because the store I was at just opened and their product was not ready. This time around I got to see what they had to offer.

The aroma reminded me of fresh-cut grass and a bit of pepper. Peppery grass. The buds are a nice, Kelly-green and look like they were rolled in crystals. They are also nice and meaty, like Tahoe O.G. should be.

The smoke was nice and light, with a dainty, sweet aftertaste. The high creeps up on you too. It sits like a cat in a corner ready to pounce on some toes. And when it pounces, it pounces! But not like a cat; it is more like a boa constrictor that lulls its prey to death as it clenches its grasp of its prey. The beast didn’t stick around too long, but that is okay, because a little bit can go a long way.

Some Dank to Fill the Tank



3835 Elm St, Ste C
Denver Co 80207

Northern Lights

I have been on a “classic” kick lately, so when I saw Northern Lights, I absolutely had to get it. I must admit, I was a bit critical at the smaller size of the buds, but there are a million reasons that they got that way.

This Northern Lights has a piney smell. It is not the most pungent aromas, which is to be expected. The buds are compact and meaty, about ½ g each. They are a ganja mulatto- light and dark green mixed with ample red hairs. A true American!

The smoke is smooth, light, and easy on the throat. It has a subtle flavor to it too. In fact, it was so light that I had to pack a second bowl. It was like one of those cups of water after working hard in the sun; so refreshing that it went down the hatch in one giant gulp.

Just like that sweet, sweet drink of water, this NL had many of the refreshing qualities that my favorite ganja should have- it was smooth, moisturized the eyes, and was stoney. But it tailed off and dissipated rapidly.