Some Sours are Better than Others





Sour Diesel


Unfortunately I did not record the name of this place because it is definitely a place to stay away from. I only got a gram, which means that I was throwing a dog a bone.

In the old days, people would give me a gram if they really wanted me as a customer. This doesn’t happen so much anymore, unless you know the growers or the budtenders personally. I have walked out of many places since then: some of them were because the prices were ridiculous and others because the herb was crap. The small quantity that I bought is evidence that I was overall uncertain about the quality of this place that shall forever remain nameless.

The crisp chemical smell of Sour Diesel reminds me of a cup of coffee on a sunny day. It’s distinct aroma snaps my mind awake and my eyes grow big. The crystals powder this bright green bud well. Yet the red hairs are sparse. It is like the blanket of crystals replaced the hairs. Overall, the buds were big and meaty.

It had pretty mild flavor; the aftertaste tasted a bit burned. The high was mild in both the body and the head. It was so mild that I hardly noticed. I know Sour D can be much better than this… I may have to go out and find some that is actually decent to get rid of the memory.






The Walking Raven

2001 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

Sour Diesel

Completely let down by what I bought last week, I went out in search of some Sour Diesel that was better, exponentially better. Fortunately for me, I had a roommate who loved this place and got me a satchel when she went. She was a budtender, so she was already skilled at identifying quality cannabis.

From the first smell, I knew that I could count on Maggie, my roommate. It smelled absolutely stunning. The tart, pungent aroma once again snapped my attention, as if the aroma were a drill sergeant had just walked into the barracks and every cell in my body was the platoon.

I am sure, however, that this Sour Diesel does not- I repeat does not smell like a barracks. Instead, it smells like a mountain lake in the summer. I lay on its shores and fill my lungs with whiffs of a pine forest and I feel the warmth of a sun-baked sky as I watch the clouds go by. The only sound is the waves as they gently lap against the shore. Seriously, I could smell this stuff all day!

For all of its aromatherapeutic benefits, it did lack in the size department. Just like what they say about those poor, less endowed guys out there, “it ain’t the size of the satchel, but the strength of its smell”. Or something like that. Another way to say it is that I got a bag o dingleberries. Little light- and dark- green crystal-enveloped dingleberries.

While the smoke was a bit harsh and not very tasty, the high was nice. It was like the faint sound wafting down the hallway of someone playing a violin. It is easy to focus on a task-at-hand while enjoying a ride on a Super Mario Bros. style cloud.

As for the redeye, there was none for me, and I could clearly see the whites in my eyes. This Sour Diesel is perfect to enjoy some Saudade on a warm summer day. It is indeed not always the size of the satchel. I get it now.

A Trip to THC for the O.G.


The Health Center

2777 S. Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80222


Tahoe O.G.

I went for an “Ocean Grown” day when I went to The Health Center. Maybe I was missing San Diego. I definitely know that the Tahoe O.G. was a perennial favorite of mine when I lived there. I was eager to see how things grew out here.

For starters, the Tahoe O.G. had a strong, earthy bouquet that was a little bit sweet and a lotta bit earthy. These buds were not the pinecones that I was used to seeing, but they were decent size. My 1/8 consisted of 5 buds, averaging 7/10 of a gram per bud.

The crystals were like glass; they shimmered in the light. The Tahoe O.G. buds were covered in red hairs and solid as a rock (that’s my kind of Tahoe O.G.!). It was a bit too dry for my liking, and I thought it would crumble when I broke into it.

This Tahoe O.G. is a warrior, though. It knew I was skeptical, and wanted to remind me that this was indeed Tahoe O.G. It refused to succumb to my grip and did not crumble and turn into to powder. Instead it showed me that this bud was worthy of the term “sticky-icky”. It is a really hearty bud!

The smoke is even heartier. Yet it is wonderfully clean and smooth. I can feel it in my eyes immediately, and after 10 minutes or so that dank citrus aftertaste that I gotta have returns to my taste buds.

This is a good active herb, despite the redness it does to the eyes. But then again, I couldn’t stop smoking it, which could have also led to the red eyes. I do believe in moderation, but there are just some things that are so good that you want one more. This cookie jar was emptied fast.


Alien O.G.

I went to The Health Center following a lead for a job. My cousins’ friend works here. I did get hired, but I did not yet have my badge. When I got my badge, the job was no longer available. I did get a sample of buds, though.

The light, lime green Alien O.G. buds were nice big buds that were well coated in crystals. It was smooth and easy on the throat. There was a bit of aftertaste that lingered, but not enough to really get excited. It was almost like it wanted to give that flavor to me, but at the end of the day was too shy to come out and say “flavor”. Instead the taste comes out like too much midlevel herb; shwaggy and leafy.

This is an indica strong hybrid; it is a cross between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. It really attached itself to the head and shoulders. It is also quite a spaced- out high. A day staring at the TV could come with a few puffs of this herb.


The Fantastic Fox Street Wellness


Fox Street Wellness

4773 Fox Street
Denver, CO 80216

Banana Kush

$55 per ⅛ (rec)
A++++ Ind.

Fox Street Wellness is one of the first places that I went to when I moved to Denver. I was thrilled to see the jars filled with monstrous buds that looked either delicate or radioactive or both. They grow their herbs organically in peat moss, and it is clear that they really take care of it.

I settled on a 50/50 split of Banana Kush and Durban Sweet Haze (next review). The Banana Kush was a light, lime green color and is covered in tri-chromes.

This bud has a nice, light and delicate flavor. It is also a very easy smoke. It is almost so light that I could not tell that I was even smoking it. The high was a nice body high. It was one of those highs that I can feel in the back of my eyes.

I was drawn to the Banana Kush by its light, sweet aroma. The signs were right too, because this was a quality high in flavor and aroma. The smoke was smooth and very nice. In fact, this Banana Kush was like a kush on vacation. It had nary a care in the world.

Durban Sweet Haze

A++++ Sat.

The Durban Sweet Haze was the second half of my Fox Street purchase. It also contrasted the banana Kush in a few ways. The Banana Kush was an indica, while Durban Sweet Haze was a sativa. The Banana Kush was light green, and the Durban Sweet Haze was a dark green. The Banana Kush buds appeared to have more trichromes on them than the Durban Sweet Haze. The BK smelled good, but the DP really gave off a much more dank scent. The Banana Kush had big buds in it, while the Durban Sweet Haze buds were smaller.

I was a bit confused by the last contrast, because Durban buds are often nice, healthy avocado sized buds. The Durban flowers were still chunky and covered in red hairs and the white fuzz, but their size leaned toward medium-small.

At any rate, Fox Street showed me enough quality everywhere else that I could see this as less of an indictment of quality and more the result of something innocent. My guess was that it was the bottom of the bag.

This DP is another smooth smoke that has a pleasant aftertaste. It reminded me of a flavor that I remember getting in my hometown, Danktown, almost 20 years ago. It was called Citrus Durban, and it was good. But I digress….

This sativa came on strong. It had all the makings of top shelf Dank! I felt this one in my eyes as well. It is much stonier than the BK. It is much more sedative, and best to smoke after work or when you are amidst a great scene of natural beauty.

Bomdizzle Denverizzle

This blog is all about bud. Now that ganja is legal here in the State of Colorado, shops have proliferated and grown throughout these Rocky Mountains. That means a lot of options for a guy like me. I have been involved in cannabis for 20 years ago now. I turned down my first ounce in high school and my first pound in college. My first contact with G-13 was in 1995, and it wasn’t much later that I smoked my first AK-47 from Boulder. This was when I officially got hooked on the herbs, and set off on the endless journey for the best bag of ganja around.

Surprisingly enough, I was blessed to have an amazing abundance of these herbs in the heartland city that taught me many life lessons as I grew up. I was blessed to be surrounded by growers. If the growers were out, then there were ample roads to Colorado for their mountain-grown flavors. In fact, there was also way too much pretendica, or B.C. buds around. Make no mistake, ganja was everywhere in the 90’s.

The conservative culture of the communities in and around Danktown (Omaha) did not like my defiance of their drunk-driving status quo. Not at all. Mocha skin and dreadlocks was all the evidence that they needed to attempt to ruin me. In fact, they may have succeeded if I had not moved to California. If Nebraska really wants to punish potheads, then they should stiffen the penalties. No one there can take those laws seriously as it is. They are more scared of the mark on their resumes than the civil citation.

But, alas! Although I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, this is not the place for my political rants; it is a place for me to watch this newborn market handle the shift into mainstream, corporate (yikes) America. Businesses are stockpiling locations and shuffling industrial grow-spaces around in order to keep up with the relentless demand. Young and old people are moving here from Central and Eastern Time Zones like honeybees would flock to the sweetest flowers in the field. Some of them have degrees and skills that the industry needs like botanists, systems engineers, and lawyers. Others just want to be a part of the cannabis industry. And others are cannabis refugees like me.

This blog is my little assessment of how things are moving and changing here. I have developed questions for the budtenders to give me more accurate answers to the herbs they are selling. Back in the day, if you wanted my business, you gave me a sample. Today (for the most part), I have to buy these samples. I don’t mind getting crap if it is free; I can always give it away. It is completely different story when I have to pay for it, however. This is my record book.


Daniel Knowtorious