A Trip to THC for the O.G.


The Health Center

2777 S. Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80222


Tahoe O.G.

I went for an “Ocean Grown” day when I went to The Health Center. Maybe I was missing San Diego. I definitely know that the Tahoe O.G. was a perennial favorite of mine when I lived there. I was eager to see how things grew out here.

For starters, the Tahoe O.G. had a strong, earthy bouquet that was a little bit sweet and a lotta bit earthy. These buds were not the pinecones that I was used to seeing, but they were decent size. My 1/8 consisted of 5 buds, averaging 7/10 of a gram per bud.

The crystals were like glass; they shimmered in the light. The Tahoe O.G. buds were covered in red hairs and solid as a rock (that’s my kind of Tahoe O.G.!). It was a bit too dry for my liking, and I thought it would crumble when I broke into it.

This Tahoe O.G. is a warrior, though. It knew I was skeptical, and wanted to remind me that this was indeed Tahoe O.G. It refused to succumb to my grip and did not crumble and turn into to powder. Instead it showed me that this bud was worthy of the term “sticky-icky”. It is a really hearty bud!

The smoke is even heartier. Yet it is wonderfully clean and smooth. I can feel it in my eyes immediately, and after 10 minutes or so that dank citrus aftertaste that I gotta have returns to my taste buds.

This is a good active herb, despite the redness it does to the eyes. But then again, I couldn’t stop smoking it, which could have also led to the red eyes. I do believe in moderation, but there are just some things that are so good that you want one more. This cookie jar was emptied fast.


Alien O.G.

I went to The Health Center following a lead for a job. My cousins’ friend works here. I did get hired, but I did not yet have my badge. When I got my badge, the job was no longer available. I did get a sample of buds, though.

The light, lime green Alien O.G. buds were nice big buds that were well coated in crystals. It was smooth and easy on the throat. There was a bit of aftertaste that lingered, but not enough to really get excited. It was almost like it wanted to give that flavor to me, but at the end of the day was too shy to come out and say “flavor”. Instead the taste comes out like too much midlevel herb; shwaggy and leafy.

This is an indica strong hybrid; it is a cross between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. It really attached itself to the head and shoulders. It is also quite a spaced- out high. A day staring at the TV could come with a few puffs of this herb.