The Fantastic Fox Street Wellness


Fox Street Wellness

4773 Fox Street
Denver, CO 80216

Banana Kush

$55 per ⅛ (rec)
A++++ Ind.

Fox Street Wellness is one of the first places that I went to when I moved to Denver. I was thrilled to see the jars filled with monstrous buds that looked either delicate or radioactive or both. They grow their herbs organically in peat moss, and it is clear that they really take care of it.

I settled on a 50/50 split of Banana Kush and Durban Sweet Haze (next review). The Banana Kush was a light, lime green color and is covered in tri-chromes.

This bud has a nice, light and delicate flavor. It is also a very easy smoke. It is almost so light that I could not tell that I was even smoking it. The high was a nice body high. It was one of those highs that I can feel in the back of my eyes.

I was drawn to the Banana Kush by its light, sweet aroma. The signs were right too, because this was a quality high in flavor and aroma. The smoke was smooth and very nice. In fact, this Banana Kush was like a kush on vacation. It had nary a care in the world.

Durban Sweet Haze

A++++ Sat.

The Durban Sweet Haze was the second half of my Fox Street purchase. It also contrasted the banana Kush in a few ways. The Banana Kush was an indica, while Durban Sweet Haze was a sativa. The Banana Kush was light green, and the Durban Sweet Haze was a dark green. The Banana Kush buds appeared to have more trichromes on them than the Durban Sweet Haze. The BK smelled good, but the DP really gave off a much more dank scent. The Banana Kush had big buds in it, while the Durban Sweet Haze buds were smaller.

I was a bit confused by the last contrast, because Durban buds are often nice, healthy avocado sized buds. The Durban flowers were still chunky and covered in red hairs and the white fuzz, but their size leaned toward medium-small.

At any rate, Fox Street showed me enough quality everywhere else that I could see this as less of an indictment of quality and more the result of something innocent. My guess was that it was the bottom of the bag.

This DP is another smooth smoke that has a pleasant aftertaste. It reminded me of a flavor that I remember getting in my hometown, Danktown, almost 20 years ago. It was called Citrus Durban, and it was good. But I digress….

This sativa came on strong. It had all the makings of top shelf Dank! I felt this one in my eyes as well. It is much stonier than the BK. It is much more sedative, and best to smoke after work or when you are amidst a great scene of natural beauty.

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