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This blog is all about bud. Now that ganja is legal here in the State of Colorado, shops have proliferated and grown throughout these Rocky Mountains. That means a lot of options for a guy like me. I have been involved in cannabis for 20 years ago now. I turned down my first ounce in high school and my first pound in college. My first contact with G-13 was in 1995, and it wasn’t much later that I smoked my first AK-47 from Boulder. This was when I officially got hooked on the herbs, and set off on the endless journey for the best bag of ganja around.

Surprisingly enough, I was blessed to have an amazing abundance of these herbs in the heartland city that taught me many life lessons as I grew up. I was blessed to be surrounded by growers. If the growers were out, then there were ample roads to Colorado for their mountain-grown flavors. In fact, there was also way too much pretendica, or B.C. buds around. Make no mistake, ganja was everywhere in the 90’s.

The conservative culture of the communities in and around Danktown (Omaha) did not like my defiance of their drunk-driving status quo. Not at all. Mocha skin and dreadlocks was all the evidence that they needed to attempt to ruin me. In fact, they may have succeeded if I had not moved to California. If Nebraska really wants to punish potheads, then they should stiffen the penalties. No one there can take those laws seriously as it is. They are more scared of the mark on their resumes than the civil citation.

But, alas! Although I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, this is not the place for my political rants; it is a place for me to watch this newborn market handle the shift into mainstream, corporate (yikes) America. Businesses are stockpiling locations and shuffling industrial grow-spaces around in order to keep up with the relentless demand. Young and old people are moving here from Central and Eastern Time Zones like honeybees would flock to the sweetest flowers in the field. Some of them have degrees and skills that the industry needs like botanists, systems engineers, and lawyers. Others just want to be a part of the cannabis industry. And others are cannabis refugees like me.

This blog is my little assessment of how things are moving and changing here. I have developed questions for the budtenders to give me more accurate answers to the herbs they are selling. Back in the day, if you wanted my business, you gave me a sample. Today (for the most part), I have to buy these samples. I don’t mind getting crap if it is free; I can always give it away. It is completely different story when I have to pay for it, however. This is my record book.


Daniel Knowtorious

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