A Good Choice at the Fort.

Choice Organics

813 Smithfield Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80524



Death Star

Gtrade: A++++

I got my herb on the road today. I was miles from home and ran out. It has been a good decade since I roamed these parts last; things were kind of different out here in the 90’s. Sure, there were plenty of people who smoked herbs all over these mountains, but there was a skill in finding a stranger to sell you some herb in the time of prohibition. You could also kick it with the vagabond kids who always seemed to have drugs, but nowhere to do them. I don’t recommend the second choice at all, though. This does not mean that I could not find weed in Colorado in the ‘90’s. I had pockets of friends who I could count on. My access was limited.

Not this time, however. All I had to do was open Google maps, look up “marijuana”, and I was off! There were only two places in Fort Collins, so I went to both. I did not get anything at the first place. Well kind of- they special ordered the new SBTRKT album for me. That is because this place is a record store that expanded and added a dispensary in Colorado. (All she needed was a café, and she would have succeeded in bringing all of my dreams and passions under one roof together.) I will have to go back when I either have the money to buy both records and herbs or the backbone to walk through a record store without “looking”.

So, with my $40 non-cannabis purchase in the mail, I continued on to the other Fort Collins pot shop, Choice Organics. By this time it was full-on into Friday evening, and the place was packed! It is only 20 minutes from Cheyenne, so…

After some deliberation, I was thrilled to find a kind that reminded me of my younger days. There is a zen belief that all plants and animals have a perfect image of themselves out there in the Universe that all plants and animals strive to be. “A cucumber unquestionably cucumbering”, they would say. For me, the perfect pot plant is grown in Omaha. Every bag I look at, every satchel I sniff, and every bud I burn is measured against the ganja I smoked from 1995-2003 in Omaha. It’s common name is Willies One-Hit Wonder Buds.

There were some varieties in San Diego that were at the Willies level- P91 and J1 are among them. This Fort Collins Death Star is also in that category. It has a spicy, wet shoebox sort of smell. Very stinky.

The buds are dark green and substantial. They are nicely frosted, their soft calyxes look pregnant, and they have a healthy spattering of pistils. The thing to watch out for in larger calyxes is that they could indeed be pregnant with seeds instead of damn good herb. This is where a squeeze might come in handy. The seeds will be hard, while the calyxes will be soft.

The Death Star smokes nice and smooth too. Like a cool breeze on a spring day, the smoke fills my lungs in a pleasant way. And it hit my eyes almost immediately too. In the end, this herb just made me feel good all over. I could focus on tasks, and it lasts too! In fact, it is the longest lasting herb that I have smoked in a while.

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