The Green Mile or Bust!


Herbal Alternatives
New Broadsterdam

2568 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

Orange Diesel


There are some famous stretches of Capitalistic overindulgence scattered across these United States. Las Vegas has the Strip, Los Angeles has Hollywood Blvd, NYC has Times Square, Chicago has the Magnificent Mile, and now Denver can add South Broadway to the list of streets with great nicknames. So many cannabis shops have popped up on this stretch of road in the last year that it is now dubbed “Broadsterdam” a.k.a. “the Green Mile”.

There are around 14 ganja shops on this part of Broadway alone. There are also some spots on some of the side streets, too. South Broadway is packed with antique furniture stores, coffee shops, a couple of dive bars (if you are into that sort of thing), a dinner theater, and many other things to do. You can even find overpriced Empanadas on this block if you get a hankering. It is a good place to spend a day. It is also up the street from me, and it took a lot for me to change out of my slippers for this trip.

The Herbal Alternatives is in the southern part of the main stretch in a nice, big, two-story building. The staff is quite friendly and accommodating.

The lobby is warm and spacious inside. It felt comfortable. There was adequate seating, with a few antique looking couches and tables arranged throughout. It looks like a great place to just hang out. Even the police chopper sits like a guard dog comfortably resting by the fire.

I chose the Orange Diesel because it attacked my senses with a strong citrusy flavor. The aroma is sweet as well. The buds are nice, tight, and meaty. They have a good density to them, and the trim is nice and close.

It is a nice, smooth hit; easy on the throat. It is, however, missing that citrus taste that I would like to accompany that scent. It is like biting into a plum that tastes like an apricot. It is still good, just not what I expected.

It has a nice, mellow high that sticks around.




Walking Raven

2001 S Broadway St
Denver, Co 80210

Sweet Haze


When I only get ½ an 1/8, it is because I want to try it and not walk out. After enough places, I learned to just walk out. At any rate, I gave it a go. In fact, I was excited to check The Walking Raven out. The location, small size of the building, and unique names all attracted me to the place. It is small. Really small. Like a backyard shed small. It was illuminating to see exactly how little room you really need to sell weed. There was basically enough room for a counter in the middle separating the budtender from the customer. That’s it.


I was let down when I got inside, though. If the buds weren’t popcorns, then they were complete shake. Yet, amidst the fodder, I did discover a patch of nice, solid flower called Colorado Sweet Haze (?). I was attracted to the orange hairs that contrasted with the light green.


The aroma was almost completely gone from the flowers. There was still a whiff to be had though, and it was a nice, dank aroma. It is just too bad that I have to really concentrate to find it. Yet, the faint aroma was an indicator that this was a fine herb. The high really stuck around, and it was one of those that makes the eyes tingle.

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