When a Bag is Really a Bag


Nature’s Kiss

4332 S Broadway
Englewood, Co 80113


The atmosphere inside of Nature’s Kiss is a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of cannabis culture. It has graffiti art on the walls, lazy boy chairs, and a relaxed atmosphere inside. The staff all seems to have integral parts to play in the management of the place. But then they go straight up ghetto and display their flowers in Tupperware containers and ship the product out in sandwich bags.

They are incredibly cheap too, if you didn’t guess from the baggies and Tupperware setup. They were selling 1/8s for $15. They also had a decent selection of single joints to really nickel and dime the low-income Englewood ‘hood.

It was all pretty low-grade looking herbs. I would have walked out with nothing, but I wanted to support these guys for stepping up and making Nature’s Kiss a reality. So I chose cleverness over quality and got a literal bag (vestigial word that I cannot stop saying) of Lohan.

Another one of those proprietary strains, the Lohan is the offspring of trainwreck and LA Confidential. The buds are a bit small, but there are couple big, juicy buds in the bag. They are purple and forest green in color and coated in crystals. The hairs are adequate as well. When the bud got torn open, a really sweet and fruity aroma came out.

The smoke is harsh and hits the back of the throat like a kick to the neck. The flavor is lacking, and indeed this tasted like schwag. The surprise explosion from roasting the bowl exposed the seeds buried in the fruits. More evidence that the schwag bag is here.

Dirty, dirty schwag. I haven’t seen it in 20 years. People knew better than to pack a bowl of schwag if I was in their house. It definitely wasn’t coming into my house. In fact, schwag is where I learned that I have to respect what I sell. It is trash to me, and therefore I always lose money. I associate schwag with trash, so for me to buy schwag is for me to buy trash.

Yet, here it was, all wrapped up in a baggie and sent out in a brown paper bag. The big difference is that the guy selling the crap is local and not smuggling it here from 1000 miles away. I can appreciate that.

Despite all the stuggles to get there, the Lohan is a nice high. She spreads into the eyes and sits on the frontal lobe. Just like schwag, however, it comes on strong and quickly peters away.

It is cheap herb at cheap prices. The windows are always awash in bright paint advertising deals like a car dealer would advertise “power windows” and “A/C”. Yet, the employees are friendly and really seem to take pride and ownership in the business.

In the end, this place makes me hopeful that the ghettos will have ganja shops with local small business owners alongside liquor stores that may or may not be owned by “Asians”. A few more restaurants may open up and a few more “drug dealers” may seize the opportunity and become tax-paying business men and women.


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