A Little Pinball, A Little Pot, Lyons Has it all. Even a Lazy River if You Get Too Hot.


The Bud Depot

138 E Main St
Lyons, Co 80540

Clementine Kush

Grade: A+

The Universe summoned me to Lyons after work one day. It is just down the road from Boulder and they have a Pinball museum there. The birds were chirping, the Autumn Sun grew ever more distant and the air was crisp. It just had to happen. It seemed that everybody else in the world came to Lyons too, because there was a ton of traffic. Fortunately for me, the turn into the Bud Depot parking lot was right at the beginning of the carjam, so I took it.

I parked next to a Caddy from Texas and headed in. There was a world map on the wall of the lobby that was full of pushpins. The U.S. was the densest part. I asked the receptionist where most of the guests came from. I was surprised to hear him say Texas. Now, I am seeing Texans everywhere. heck, a feller from Dallas talked me into writing this blog.

As for the herbs, well, all these Texans must be onto something, because this is some grade A herb. The buds are nice, light green and wrapped in red hairs and drizzled in crystals. Its aroma is just like the pine-forested mountains that this town is nestled in.

It is smooth on the throat and cool to smoke. There is a nice aftertaste to it that sticks around. The aftertaste gives way to the stoney feeling that this herb can provide. Bottom line: the herb is nice and stoney and can endure. The only thing missing was an inner tube for that little river that goes through town. Next time, Lyons, next time.


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