It is Really About the Tacos at TrenchTown



734 Sheridan
Denver, Colorado,

Trenchtown is incredibly easy to find. Just north of the 285 on Sheridan Blvd, it is in one of those ungodly mini malls that dominate this American landscape. You are basically going from 65(ish)-0 in an exit. Then it is back to walking for a brief second. Then it is back to full speed when you get back into traffic. That is only for ¼ mile though, because the construction cones are quick to add a little snarl to your day. The whole positive experience could be erased if there wasn’t that sweet Cotton Candy Romulan in the trunk.

Cotton Candy Romulan

This Cotton Candy Romulon smells so sweet that it should be an air freshener. It looks like it would belongs in a potpourri mixture too. The light green buds are speckled with brown clumps. They are like mini corn: decent sized, but not really large.

This Cotton Candy Romulan smoke is barely noticeable. For an indica, it is amazingly light. It is stoney, too. But it is an indica. A  little taste of a good Indica should be adequate. You need to smoke an entire blunt of the Cotton Candy Romulan to get to the same level. Unfortunately,  I get a headache if I keep smoking it. I found a couple of premature seeds too. That is never good. Maybe it should be relegated to potpourri.


Diversity is good, however, and I got other flavors as well. I got some NYCD, A.K.A New York City Diesel, since I raved about it so much the last time I was here.

The NYCD smells much woodsier. The buds are a bit bigger. The smoke is kind of mentholish. Unfortunately, on the other side, there is just nothing. It is like smoking air. And I get a headache. Strike four.

Los Portales

Fortunately, there is this taco shop next door called Los Portales. They make amazing tacos! They get my vote for best taco in Denver, for sure. In fact, it is worth it to go to trenchtown just to have some tacos after. (I am sure they would have Champions League on as well, which is just awesome.)

There is a familiar kind of feeling here. It is comfortable. There is a steady flow of traffic, but not too much for the solo waitress, who deftly shifted lanes between “Espanol” and “English”, “for here” and “to go”, and all of the other responsibilities that come with a busy restaurant. The staff is nice and did I mention the tacos? Those tacos definitely deserve an honorable mention.

Alas, after all that, the real world is back and it is crazy. It is a mess of traffic as the ecosystem hums along with their collective energy shuffling towards a clogged artery. Of course, the construction crew is there to hopefully make the road flow better. But I know better. And I don’t care because my belly is full, and I can handle shuffling along next to this  youngblood in a green Accord who is on the road to Washington to start his dream company, Grow Better.

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