A Quick Stop for a Satchel from the Worlds Highest Pot Shop.


High Country Healing

40 S Main St,
Alma, CO 80420

alma-town-signGrape Ape

Grade: A+++

I have driven by High Country Healing many, many times. Situated between Breckenridge and Fairplay, the city of Alma is roughly six blocks long, so it is easy to pass right through. But Alma has enough interesting things to do there to warrant a quick stop. The main street is bookended by a cool little café and High Country Healing. I finally stopped there last weekend. It was nice.

The budtender was friendly and the small town vibe kept the place quiet inside. The City of Alma also makes the most amazing old-timey looking business certificates. No pink triplicates here; it is on brown paper and has nice little calligraphy flourishes instead of the bold black border that is so common on city and state compliance certificates.

Unfortunately the med selection looked pretty worked through. They only had a couple of indica flavors. The sativa and indica options were too close to popcorn. Things opened up on the Recreational section, however. But that means expensive. Fuckers. (My ego does not like to be a ganja consumer).

The Rec side was much, much better. They had an assortment of both indica and sativa. All of the buds were good sized too. They looked decent and the price didn’t make me walk out, so I got a little bit of this Grape Ape.

The buds are nice and chunky little nuggets of shrubberiness. They are a light lime green color and well coated in crystals. They smell peppery and woodsy.

The smoke is a little strong, but not excessively harsh. These are definitely top shelf shrubs. Their medical selection is probably just as good; I will have to see a selection that is not all bag bottoms on the shelf first.

This shake thing is a trend. I can go on a Monday afternoon or a Friday night and things are kind of low. They still can’t keep the herbs on the shelves. Maybe indoor growing is not the answer. It is time to get outdoor farms online. The sun is an amazing tool for growing plants. Sure, the prices will plummet, but at least we can feed everyone in Omaha and Chicago and Tulsa much easier.

It is behind a head shop as well. It makes sense, especially with all the tourists who come through these places. Why not be a one-stop shop? Besides, at 10,578 ft., Alma is the highest incorporated municipality in the country. It is all about technicalities in the superlative game. Is it really Alma’s fault that they are better served as a sleepy incorporated area than a full-on town? Besides, it is more about the mountains that surround them than the town. There are also three 14ers surrounding Alma and campgrounds galore. The South Platte is close by and so is the mountain sky. Go out and get some this June or July!




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