Todd is not Here, Man

Sofa King


Grade: A

Play Dough. Penicillin. The Slinky. “The New World”. Some of the best things in life are stumbled upon. This is how I found Sofa King. I was looking for a completely different spot in the Georgetown area, and ended up here. There are about six dispensaries in this area.That is quite a bit when you see that the area is really only two blocks. that are bookended by canna shops.  The Highway is on one side and Mind Body Spirit is on the other. They both look  ghetto. The sign for The Highway was hand painted and looked like they had a family day out on the lawn to make it. Mind Body Spirit is in a trailer park trailer. Nuff said.

I was looking for Mountain Medicinals when I walked into The Highway. I quickly realized my mistake upon entering. It even looked ghetto inside.  No way. I turned around and headed for the car, but I was distracted by a big banner advertising “medical marijuana” next door, and I changed course. It was called Sofa King.

Sofa King was hidden. It was sofa king far back off of the road that it hugged the cliff wall like a fucking sofa. It is medical only, so you have to have a permission slip to get in. The front room is long and spacious inside.  it is a big lounge area with a couple of sofas. It is open and bright and welcoming. My kind of place.

The owners are also 75% of the employees. There are three of them and they have one person on staff. They do everything between the four of them. They grow, harvest, trim, and sell. Oh and they blast too! This is what a boutique cannabis shop should look like. They are not packing indsturial warehouses full of plants and equipment. They have a grow room of course, but they don’t do nearly enough business to have to harvest 200 pounds/ week. They are in Dumont, Co. after all. It is a blip on I-70, and you would not even notice the town if you blinked.

Most of their business is distribution to dispensaries in Denver. They would love the foot traffic, but the nearest attraction is the weight station across the street. Not many weigh stations are  popular tourist traps. Other businesses in the area are a corporate coffeshop, a couple of gas stations, and the two ghetto dispensaries.

tumblr_mblssfrrjf1rydpeho1_500It is worth your time, though, if you stop. These guys know how to grow herbs. They trim their buds to be nice, big chunky greenie goodness. There was a good assortment of flower on their shelves. I took home the Cherry Diesel.  This one is new to me. Like “Purps” of the 2000’s and “kush” of the 90’s, Diesel is the new name that is synonomous with “dank”. Personally, I’m getting burned out on the diesel train. This includes the gorilla in the room.

The most exciting thing about diesel happens before ever smoking it. Diesels smell amazing! This Cherry D. was no exception. It attacks the nostrils with its crisp, diesel odor. It is stinky, inky, inky. These buds are solid little buggers too. They are dense like little river pebbles. They are about as big as little mini pinecones. They don’t budge when compressed. Solid.

The Cherry D buds are a forest green, and the smoke is nice and smooth. It is an all around quality smoke.  The price is right, and the crew are quality too. It is always much more of an experience when you can talk to the owner face to face. It makes the herbs even better.

Bonus Charlie Murphy Story:—rick-james-pt–2—uncensored

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