Idaho Springs Brings Decent Herbs and Good Vibes.


Mountain Medicinals


Have you ever eaten dinner at a restaurant and, upon walking out, discovered another restaurant down the street that made you wonder when it opened and how you missed it? Something about it intrigued you from the outside, so you put a note in the back of your mind to try one day. That is Mountain Medicinals in Idaho Springs to me.  The restaurant is Idaho Springs, the busy little mountain town just outside of Denver. It is the biggest of the communities in the area that includes Georgetown, Downieville, and Dumont. The rusty red Argo Gold Mill and Mine crawls along the side of the mountain and indicates the dominant industry of the area. Across the street from the mine is Mountain Medicinals. It is a simple, small shack, like so many of the shops in the area.

Mountain Medicinals must have a lot of bills, because this place was quite a bit more expensive than anywhere else in this area. They weren’t so high that I walked out, though. The owner was not there either, so maybe these prices allow the owner to take some time off.

They had a decent selection; I took home the Headband. Classic. The Headband did not upset. The buds were deep green and they smelled peppery and spicy. The smoke was clean; it did not burn the throat and was cool on the exhale.  There was not too much of an aroma, and I got tired of it real fast. It was just ok.

A trip to Idaho Springs is totally worth it though. It is great to walk around and enjoy the view. The Tommyknocker restaurant and brewery is here.  There is also a fantastic coffee roaster called Java Mountain Roasters on the block. The owner is one of those people who found their bliss; he would gladly pay you to roast coffee and talk to people. He got lucky.

There is a lot to do in Idaho Springs, and their cannabis selection is pretty vast as well. There are lots of shops to go to. The mountain town vibe is on point and the marks of mining are embedded in the culture.

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