505 W. 40th ave Denver, CO 80216


Tahoe OG


Pure is one of those locations that is always recommended. Other than Good Chem, people in Denver mention Pure the most. They specialize in CO2 extraction, which is a much cleaner way to extract the active ingredients in cannabis. It creates a much more versatile product than BHO extracts. It is also nice to not have your herbs cooked in alcohol. Of course, healthier is usually more expensive. Most people blast butane because a BHO extractor is much cheaper than a CO2 extractor.

But I am not here to talk about concentrates (yet); I am here to talk about the Tahoe OG that the carry there. I rarely buy Tahoe OG because I am used to the pine-cone buds of California over the popcorn buds of Colorado. Popcorn buds make me think, “what else?”.

The Tahoe OG at Pure, however, was worth a look. Their jar held Tahoe OG nugs that were almost large. Believe me, this is rare. Nobody sells big buds. (I want to see someone sell ½ oz sticks!) The budtender was also quite gracious and accommodating, which is different from many budtenders who can be quite condescending. He even dug through the jar to get the biggest buds in the jar.

This Tahoe OG has a nice, earthly smell to it. It is a bit peppery too. The color reminds me of a car with chameleon paint on it; different colors come out depending on the angle of view. There are a few shades of green that are speckled with patches of red hairs. The entire bud shimmers in a grey hue given off by the plethora of crystals.

This stuff is an amazing smoke too. It is nice and smooth, almost like menthol on the throat. This is one of those “back of the eye” buds that leaves a faint dank aftertaste on the throat.

Unfortunately, the aftertaste is like eating lamb and capers, only there is hardly a caper taste to it. Capers are an important part of the dish, and it is noticeable when it is missing. Lamb and capers is just lamb and potatoes otherwise. It is still good, but it could be great. I am forever on the quest for that aftertaste.





The Headband smelled nice and spicy. There was a strange blue/white/grey tinge to the buds as well. The red hairs dominated the color-wheel of greens that this Headband also exhibited.

This herb was easy to smoke as well. It was smooth on the throat. It tasted sweet and sat on the tongue for a while. It is a nice high. It was strong and stuck around. It was also energetic and highly functional. It looks good, and smells good. It is smooth and easy. Pure is definitely one of Denver’s Phinest.