Dank is the name and ganja is the game




White Widow

I found my favorite spot last week, just because of the name. It is almost Danktown, but not quite. Four letters short, to be precise. It may be superficial, sure, but the marketing worked on me. There is a lot in a name. There are those nice, bland corporate names like LivWell and The Green Solution. Then there are the many, many plays on THC like The Herbal Cure and The Health Center. And, of course, there are those medical places that have no post-grad medical professionals on staff. They use names with caregivers, “Herbal Health Alternatives”, “Meds”, or “Patient’s”  in the title to set themselves apart.

With a name like Dank, though, there is a certain level of stoniness that the purveyor must uphold. They aren’t in it for the health benefits, and they (hopefully) are not in it for a nice, commercial IPO skyrocket someday. They are in it for the herbs and the qualities a good herb grower can bring out of these herbs, much like a vinter wants to bring out all the characteristics of his/her grapes in a good glass of wine as opposed to Two Buck Chuck.

From first glance, the White Widow looks and smells good. The aroma is earthy and sweet. The buds are light green and they have pistils and crystals galore. It is a nice, light and smooth smoke, with an aftertaste that reminds me of a green smoothie.

This one messes with me; while the eyes have the tingling, and my body feels good, there is no overt stoney feel. Rather, it brings back memories of walking around a sea of sweaty munchkins at a Phish concert. In fact, this is the perfect herb for you want to hop onto the festival express.


Space Queen

Grade: A+++++

Walking into Dank is kind of a surreal experience for me. The building reminds me of an elementary school or a Boys Club on the inside. Its long, broad, and brightly lit hallway looks like it could hold lockers and trophies as easily as it holds up the bland prints that line their walls. The gym is not at the back of this building, though. That is where Dank is.

There is always a pretty young lady behind the bar (much better than the middle-aged, overweight man with a whistle, if you ask me,) who is ready and eager to take my money. Dank made her job even easier, though, when they put Space Queen on the shelf. It could have just as easily been a vacuum behind the counter to suck all of my money out of my pocket. Bluntly put, Space Queen was a sexy bitch from my past, and she was top class!

She is a glow-in-the-dark kind of green. Her buds are nice and hefty. They are a bit hard to pinch, and the aroma that comes out is peppery and woody. The pistils stick out like they are errant hairs on a freshly cut head of hair.

Just like the ganja I remembered, this Space Queen is fantastic. It doesn’t take much to go a long way, and this sativa just made me hungry.