Caregivers for Life

310 St. Paul St.
Denver, CO 80206

White Urkel


This bud came recommended. I am not a fan of anything “purple”, so purple urkel is near the bottom of my list for ganja selections. I have been seeing a lot of this White Urkel around town, so I went for that.

The bag had some nice, big buds in it. The aroma is a run of the mill ganja smell. The White Urkel did live up to its name, however. The buds were coated in crystals.

It is a creeper, to be sure. It is subtle and calm. The more impatient stoner would pack two or three bowls out of uncertainty. But its lingering effects show up if you were patient enough to wait.

DTP Notes

I tried this place long before I worked for them. I am thrilled to know that I was able to try it before I knew the grower. Caregivers for Life is now called the Pagan Whistle. Great name! Although it is the same herb as what I reviewed, it deserves a revisit just for the (fingers-crossed) sticker.

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