Beware the Big Brand Buds

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 2.28.06 PM

Generation Health

4495 Washington St
Denver, CO 80216

Banana Kush


When I first moved to Denver, I lived by this place called “Earth Group”. The building looked well maintained, yet it was always closed. Recently, the sign changed to “Generation Health”. I was excited to go because it was so close and the name appealed to me.

They had the room set up in a unique way; there were three booths, each labeled respectively, “beginner”, “intermediate”, and “connoisseur”.

Wherever I went, however, the selection was crap. First off, everything was already pre-packaged. I hate pre-packaged. It takes all of the personality out of the transaction. If you are going to pre-package your herbs, then you should save yourself a ton of money and set up a vending machine.

So now that my human robot has taken the container from point “a” to point “b”, I can now surmise the product. The buds were small and lacked aroma, probably because they have been rolling around in that confined space for so long. This presented me with trying a new thing: a brand of pot.

The name of the Brand is Kindman, and their bottles are shaped like aspirin bottles. So now we have a company that is using the word “health” to slang a retail product. Their product is a pre-bottled brand that bottles their product in knock-off aspirin bottles. They are also losing on all levels now.

The package was also a horrible idea because the bottle is not conducive to accessing flowers. There is a bottleneck at the mouthpiece that prohibits access to the flower at the bottom of the container unless you have long-skinny fingers. The bottles also carried a charge.

The shake had its own problems in these bottles. Shake will stop at the bottleneck when it is poured out. The static electricity kept little flakes stuck to the walls all over the bottle.

Banana Kush has a wonderfully pungent aroma. It is sweet like cotton candy in the air. The buds are nice, bright green color that is obscured by the fuzz of crystals that blanket the buds.

The high is cerebral; it really slows things down. I don’t feel stoned, but I am. This is a good bud for being active.

It is also dry and brittle. It just crushes in my hands. The only date on the bottle was the sell date, so it could have sat in a back room for months. The next time I see Kindman on a shelf, I am going to walk out of the store before anyone can even say “hi”.

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