Saddle Up to La Conte’s Clone Bar and Dispensary

La Conte

5194 Washington St, 80216

Mango Stomper.



So I went to this place close to my house that has caught my eye for a while now. Oddly enough, this was the first place where I heard the Grateful Dead since I have been here. La Conte is marketed as a “Clone Bar”. This is my kind of bar! They have a wall of clone varieties available for sale for the more “hands-on” stoner.

The prices were good. They had a nice selection that did not break the bank. They were straight up cheap. Not as cheap as Generation Health, but a higher quality of cheap.

I was attracted to the Mango Stomper because of the smell. It is incredibly sweet smelling. I picked up pineapple for some reason. Maybe my tropical fruit radar is off.

The Mango Stomper buds were nice sized and thick. The hairs clinged to the buds and the crystals were caked on. It tasted like pineapple, and the high was mild.

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