Oasis Superstore is Stupendous

Medicinal Oasis


wonderland oasis

Lemon O.G.

Colorado pot shops can be strange places. They occupy boxes of all shapes and sizes. Some are just tossed-up front rooms in giant warehouses and others are sheds that could have been bought at Home Depot  and parked in a couple of parking spaces.  Former Pizza Huts have been reconverted as well as places that look like they would be just as comfortable housing a Head Start complexes. Medical Oasis has its own craziness to it. It is in a massive building. When I entered the lobby, I saw “doors, doors everywhere”! Frankly, I was looking for a rabbit to lead me along and a talking doorknob to insult me.

I managed to find the right door, and on the other side was an extremely long room and all sorts of cannabis. The staff was quite chatty and very friendly. The budtenders here even know their customers by name. The staff also remembered the previous orders of their customers and used that as a measuring stick to consult on their next purchase. Be it joints, grams, or much larger purchases, the budtender skillfully steered their locals to their preferred purchase.

It felt like a neighborhood coffee shop (only without the coffee). Just like in a vibrant café, the wait in line is just as entertaining as anything on TV. This is the kind of service that I like to see; it gives the customer a sweeter taste when they feel comfortable spending their money. This is a key intangible that separates a business in the service industry from the rest of the pack.

The Lemon O.G. is already better just because of the service I had. It smells a bit better, it looks a bit better, and it tastes a bit better. I can’t deny the warm fuzzies. I will acknowledge them and move on to how this Lemon O.G. really smells and looks and tastes.

It smells much better than it looks. It is brown and red. ”Ugly ducks” can grow into swans, and so it is on to other factors. It hits kind of harsh. Yet, it has a menthol kind of cool to it. It is almost stoney, but a second bowl had to be packed.

The second bowl brought out the flavor again. It tasted like Cap’n Crunch. This Lemon O.G. hit like a ton of bricks. It is heavy and heady. This is joint or blunt rolling herb. Just like good blunt weed, you need a lot to get stoned and it dies off quickly. This makes the Lemon O.G. just “meh”. This is some concert or party weed. It is ganja for when you want to smoke a ton of herbs.


Island Sweet Skunk

While the Lemon O.G.  may have been a bit premature, I was excited for the Island Sweet Skunk. The buds were nice and big. They smelled complex and spicy as well. These dark green buds were pockmarked with hairs like divots on a golf ball.

The smoke is light and delicate. It was so light that I was a bit unsure if I smoked anything at all. The high is much more balanced as well. It is subtle and hits the back of the eyes. It is a reasonable competitor in the thick sea of mediocre get-out-the-door fast-food cannabis shops.


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