Just the Right Amount of Sweets at the Mile High Green Cross

Mile High Green Cross


Kandy Alien –Indica

Grade: A

Mile High Green Cross is another place that comes highly recommended. It is in a good location in South Broadway (the Green Mile), and it is next to one of the greatest names for a bar anywhere, The Fainting Goat. I was greeted by a bubbly little cutie who seemed absolutely thrilled to sell herbs. I never wanted to leave. In the end, though, Kandy was the only lady to leave with me.

While not as pretty as the girl behind the bar, the Kandy Alien is still good to look at. This Kandy was a nice, light lime green. The crystals glimmer on the buds and the pistils are sparsely scattered about in the buds. The smoke is smooth and goes down easily. A hint of sweetness comes out in the tail end. This Kandy is subtle. She does not hit hard like many indicas. She is more like cilantro on a taco. It is not the main ingredient, but it can make a good taco great and a great taco even better!


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