When you are ready to do battle with Kong, but meet Poison Ivy instead.


The Herbal Cure

985 Logan St



There are close to 1000 medical and recreational pot shops in the State of Colorado (949 when published. There have been a few gems and a ton of duds. This industry moves so fast as barriers to trade are coming down and coming up regularly. There is no way to discern who is good at growing herb from someone with a ton of money to spend on a new venture and just wants to make a buck.

It is much easier to have a lot of money than a lot of knowledge. The people with the knowledge are almost always lost in the vast sea of eligible labor. An entire staff could change in a year, so the herbs grown last year may not be the same as the herbs grown this year. This is a little “Quality Control” check on a place I liked last year. Two different harvests in a year is a small sample size, sure, but it can still can tell a lot.

You know what they say about being dazzled by the bullshit? The staff are always nice and the façade is covered in graffiti. I am a sucker for some good graf.

I have seen my fair share of Kong growing, and it always looked like little pineapples. I didn’t trust the owners, however, and rarely smoked their weed. It is in a large category of weed that had been ruined before it has even been tried.

But I love to tackle my prejudices, so I gave it a go. It smelled like a fresh cut lawn; more like a grassy field than a bag of grass. It was like a grassy field with pepper in it. The smoke was soft and delicate. It tasted a bit dry and scratchy, but it was not too harsh on the throat.

Kong is such a beastly name that I was expecting to get knocked over the head and my limbs torn apart. Instead, it was more like Batman’s nemesis, Poison Ivy than the excitable King Kong. It seeped into my being at the cellular level rather than the bash and beat down approach.

Just like the dreaded day camp plant that temporarily ruins the dreams of children everywhere, this Kong seemed like a minor irritation than a wild beast swatting at our Air Force. The Empire State Building would have been too much for the mighty looking Kong. The groundskeeper would have squashed this poor plant once it broke through the concrete.

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