Buying Buds in the Cheyenne Mountain ‘Burbs

Doctor’s Orders

2106 E Boulder St,
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Jack Flash

Grade: A

    Getting herbs in Colorado Springs is a refreshing departure from the herb shops in Denver, at least the spot that I went to. It was quiet and there was not much going on inside. In fact, a hand-scribbled note on the door welcomed me to their shop and informed me that a bathroom break was on.

    I waited for a few minutes before a customer walked out, bag in hand. So I thought I should try the door. It was open. Facepalm. The receptionist was also the budtender, so he was pulling double time. He was also incredibly friendly. He seemed to know everyone by name, and the customers really respected his knowledge of the product.

    They had great choices and nice nugs. Jack Flash and Midnite were particularly nuggy (An 1/8 of Midnite was only two buds!). The Jack Flash nugs were a mix of light and dark green buds, with their red hairs in stark contrast to the green. The Jack Flash smelled and tasted pretty mild. There was a peppery taste to it.

    This herb is like drinking cucumber water: refreshing with a subtle aftertaste. It just keeps on rolling like a smooth bassline on a liquid track. It is perfect for a sunny day strollin on a beach cruiser.

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