Easy Super Skunkin’ in Washington Park


The Herbal Cure

985 S. Logan St. 80209

White Super Skunk

The Herbal Cure gets the award for best location. It pops from the interstate, because it is the only part of the retaining wall that has any color to it. The wall on their property is covered in graffiti. It is bright, colorful, and joyful. The graffiti art is everywhere in the farm. I call it a farm because the buildings are made of old wood in an old west style. There are two main buildings; the (literal) barn and the store. A streetcar sits toward the front of the property and it is just begging for an espresso machine and some bistro tables.

As for the herbs, well, their aroma didn’t impress. It smells like pot. The buds were nice and big. They are solid, tightly packed, and decked with crystals and red hairs. The smoke is nice and smoothe. It does not burn the throat. It has a nice, sweet taste to it that leads to a comfortable experience. It was more energetic than relaxed. Good stuff.

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