The Day Google Maps had the Goods.


Green Man

1355 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO, 80204

Death Star

I was on my way to a favorite spot of mine, but the snow altered my course again (the blowing breeze has a strong affect on this guy)! Fortunately, this is a time when a quick phone consult with Google will provide a list of the closest pot shops. It is amazing how quickly things become normal in a day.

There was once a time when a whole city could go dry while waiting for the buds to cure. Now, a quick consult with Google floods the Denver map with locations to shop. It is just another chore on the list. Sometimes, the shops are even in the same plaza as the bank and supermarket, so you can get your groceries, make a deposit, and pick up some nice buds in the same trip.


This trip was specifically for pot though, so it was dealer’s choice, so to speak. This Green Man location was the closest to me, but was crazy difficult to navigate to if you aren’t familiar with downtown. It is a store in a mini-mall that is stashed between two major streets and the back of a grocery store. I had to navigate through snowy, blustery, downtown traffic. I took a surprise left around a tree and then a hard right into the lot. It really is an adventure to get here.

Then I found out it was brand new, and they just got their rec. license. So they did not yet have any homegrown flower. The flowers they were currently selling came from a distributor. (At the behest of one of my coworkers, I did return at a later date to try their flowers.)

The Deathstar has an incredibly pungent aroma, which makes a lot of sense when you know that one of its mothers is a Sour Diesel. It smells like a dank, basement.

The buds of this plant are darker green and a bit skimpy. They are brittle and tend to turn to dust in my fingers. This is the same problem that I had at the other shop that sold prepackaged ganja. I’m sure it is old. These buds should be a lot meatier, but they have lost all of their moisture. To me, this is like seeing those game animals on the African savannah at the peak of dry season. They are starving and bone-thin and just waiting for a lion or hyena to come by and put them out of their misery.

The smoke was surprisingly light. Of course, it has a touch of harshness, but that is to be expected of some distributor crap. It was also able to keep a bit of flavor in it in the end. The aftertaste hinted at the stoniness of the herb, and the tingle in the eyes verified that this herb could have been dank. It comes on strong, but then it peters off quickly. Which leaves me wanting more.

The budtenders did not have any information about the distributor. It wasn’t Kindman, which is good. I can see what Green Man saw in the buds they bought, and it was good for a shelf-elf. But I like the fresh stuff, and look forward to trying their goods when they come online.